Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Opening for the Weekend

Nothing unusual in unlocking the door to my studio, except now I am forced to see it with the prospect of visitors walking around, taking notice of what's on display, being able to stand back for optimum appreciation.

So now I have to transform my space and remove most of the evidence of my everyday working abandonment. When I work I am messy, careless and immediate. I allow no time for the tidy replacing of tools and materials. This in itself would be a fine illustration and conceivably quite sociologically of interest to those who would favour the artist in their natural habitat, but issues of health and safety must take their toll and force me to clean up my act.

So it is a necessity to tidy away and order my accoutrements at least just enough to allow for the visitor to walk through the door and not immediately stumble over unfinished canvases, slide on dropped pastels and become entangled and immobilised by windings of thread and fibre.

It's a tricky balance to achieve between maintaining the enticing romance of the tortured artist's garret and the safe and comfortable access of a public gallery space!

So I'll be delighted to welcome you to my studio this weekend. You'll be able to see a selection of my work, some previously seen and some on view for the first time. I won't even mind if you notice ill-hidden piles under tables and the teetering stacks of fabrics and paints. These all just serve to lend enchantment to the view!

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Theanne said...

ahhh the luxury of a studio!