Monday, 13 March 2017

Box (part1)

Here you find me on the threshold of a whole new body of work that has been scratching at my bones for so long. 

All the while I have fairly delved with some pioneer spirit into painting with melted beeswax, resin and oil paint, destroyed so many old pieces that no longer served me and played with rust printing on paper and fabric and stitched the same. 

At the same time a growing pile of boxes in various states of vintage and disrepair has been occupying my studio. If you've ever visited me there and noticed, you might have considered the pile just another aspect of general studio storage clutter. Inquiries as to their meaning have usually been answered with mutterings of a new arcane project, in planning, but not actually doing it yet...

I write copious notes, look at old photographs, make drawings, read and read and find references to ...well ...everything really. Somehow it all seems relevant. This work is the BIG thing that I feel I have been revving up to since I started all this arty stuff.

And now I really have opened the first box and am sanding, scraping and marking it.

As I look back through the writings here, I find that I have alluded to "Box" before. Assuredly I thought to have more to show for it by now. But then the gestation has been a lifetime and sometimes you just can't hurry.

So the box is open. Now what will I put inside...