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Not Whining But Screaming

I’ve always been surprised by the way other people see me, especially by their use of certain adjectives: “mild-mannered”, “passive”, “easy-going”, “laid-back”. – On the outside, squishy, sweet, amorphous marshmallow, it seems, while on the inside... a raging, ranting banshee, a fire disgorging dragon, a hardened, steely warrior or a possessed uncontrollable spirit capable of metamorphosing the elements in order to have her will obeyed. That disconnect between internal and public persona probably exists for most of us, I suppose. But now, quiet, un-self-confident Maggie wants to stop the background whine of “It’s not fair!” (can’t you just envisage the petted lip?”). I want my voice to grow and connect my sense of injustice to the public universe. Change does happen. We don’t have to accept the power and drive of the capitalist market to sell us a vacuous myth- the insubstantial veneer of youth and beauty and therefore “acceptability” at an unacceptable price, both on our pockets