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Spring Fling and the Prize Draw

Last weekend was the mighty open studio extravaganza in this corner of Scotland which is Spring Fling . Ninety-three artists and makers across our region opened their studio doors to welcome in the interested and curious public. There was an enormous amount of preparation to get my studio and all the work ready and a level of exciting adrenalin-fuelled panic that far surpassed rational sanity. The doors opened while the final signage was still being tied into place on Saturday morning at 10.30am and the fun began. Even though I have taken part in several Spring Flings by now, I was still surprised when nigh on nine hundred visitors came to my studio over three days. They smiled, looked bemused, chatted, asked very pertinent and informed questions, and explained how my painting based on feelings of loss of self, resembled a dolphin cavorting in the waves. Some managed to control the urge to reach out and touch textured surfaces and some did not even try, caressing the surprisi