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a new way of being

Sitting now in the middle of isolation, it’s sometimes difficult to connect with life before necessary constraints took over. I miss my family and worry for them with physical achings. Human need for physical and emotional contact is universal after all. But I have my husband and youngest daughter here with me. I am so grateful and count myself lucky. These important things given, I miss painting in my studio. A short bus ride away to that place of dreams (and I don’t say this lightly) which now may as well be on the other side of the world. Just as we were going into self imposed isolation we carried out a frantic gathering of materials from the studio; useful drawing and mark making stuff which didn’t include any oil painting paraphernalia. Paints and wax and boards and easel and palette and knives and squeegees and gougers and scrapers were “studio” things. At home I might do some sketching, exploring and playing, but that wouldn’t be proper work. For in my studio I f