Friday, 14 May 2010

First post

Acceptable Flesh

Society has always used the shaping of the body to create an ideal the majority struggle to attain.

In today’s market such messages are insidious and never subtle. We can only ever fail to measure up to the surgically enhanced, and the digitally altered images, streamed to us, demanding an impossible conformity.

“Acceptable Flesh” is a planned new body of work where I will set out to explore the conflict between this impossible societal norm, and the need for authentic self-acceptance.

Using a variety of media, from paint, textiles and canvas, through to sculpture, photography and sound, I will be examining experiences of inhabiting bodies deemed less than acceptable.

To follow the progress of “Acceptable Flesh”, and even have your say - comments and contributions are very welcome - please join in and/or sign up for the newsletter at:


Suz said...

MAggie -

I have followed Kim's blog for a while and enjoy it.


I will enjoy reading your blog. I am not heavy but am heavier now in middle age than I have ever been. It alternately bothers me and strangely brings me joy. My husband says he doesn't care. I'm not sure if he's telling the truth or if that is "husband speak."

Anyway, I look forward to your posts.

Someday..... said...

I am adding you to my blog roll. Thank you for sharing....I am often humbled by personal art, and your chosen topic is one of high interest to every person. We all have bodies....

carlie_star said...


My name is carlie I am a third year art school student in northland new zealand. At the moment I am painting in acrylic and embroidering on top for an installation project. So I was looking at freemotion embroidery on you tube and came across your video you are so talented and your voice is beautiful so I watched all your videos lol then ended up on your blog your hubbys blog and reading the bandaged woman which made me cry. SO I have added both of your blogs to follow thanks =)

Maggie Ayres said...

Suz - welcome, and thank you for your kind words. I hope you'll enjoy the posts to come :)

Someday - welcome and thank you. I find it amazing that while we all have bodies, we are nearly all dissatisfied with them, and it is looking at why this might be that forms part of my work :)

Carlie Star - welcome and thank you. I always find it interesting to hear about other artists' work and what motivates them. Do let me know when you make updates to your blog

Anez said...

Really Like the Idea behind Your new Project ....I am On the heavier side and have been this way ever since I remember ...
I think I would find your site quite interesting and would like to know bout what U have to say ..
All the Best with Ur work Maggie
Looking foward to Ur Post.

Mary Witzl said...

Hi Maggie -- this is such a good idea, and I'm glad you've joined the bloggers. I love Carlie's comment here.

I've gone from being naturally, effortlessly pencil-thin to middle-aged comfortable. When I was nineteen, I had a pal who ate less than I did and was twice my size. I'll never forget how she was generally scorned and judged as greedy and lacking in restraint. Now I live with a pencil-thin girl who eats three times what I do. And I have to smile (wistfully, yes) to note the reactions of others -- to her, to me. How sad that the sum total of all our accomplishments can be ignored by society, that we are judged on how much flesh we carry, one way or the other.

Maggie Ayres said...

Anez - welcome to my blog - I hope you enjoy it as it develops

Mary - so glad you found your across to my blog, and you are so right about how easily our achievements are ignored in favour of our appearance