Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Not Whining But Screaming

I’ve always been surprised by the way other people see me, especially by their use of certain adjectives: “mild-mannered”, “passive”, “easy-going”, “laid-back”. – On the outside, squishy, sweet, amorphous marshmallow, it seems, while on the inside... a raging, ranting banshee, a fire disgorging dragon, a hardened, steely warrior or a possessed uncontrollable spirit capable of metamorphosing the elements in order to have her will obeyed.

That disconnect between internal and public persona probably exists for most of us, I suppose.

But now, quiet, un-self-confident Maggie wants to stop the background whine of “It’s not fair!” (can’t you just envisage the petted lip?”). I want my voice to grow and connect my sense of injustice to the public universe.

Change does happen. We don’t have to accept the power and drive of the capitalist market to sell us a vacuous myth- the insubstantial veneer of youth and beauty and therefore “acceptability” at an unacceptable price, both on our pockets and more insidiously on our sense of well-being.

Let us scream and proclaim our outrage in full voice.

I’m screaming.

Scream with me.


Pincus Panther said...


Anonymous said...

I strongly identified with the start of this. I feel like a tiger-cum-Lady-of-Shallot as I buy my lemonade in Poundland and say 'thank you very much indeed'.

But to be honest I perceive my inner intensity as rather powerless, and not so focused on anti-capitalist politics.

I scream but I do feel defeated.

Fay's Too said...

Maggie!!!! Amen, amen, I SCREAM!
Please see my post (a few back on my site) called Boobs! http://faystoo.blogspot.com/2010/06/boobs.html
Yes, it really happened.
What the flip? I refuse, absolutely, to conform. My girls are free and let the law suits begin!

hope said...

I'd be happy to join you in the screamfest. :)

Heck, I'm so short I never wanted to even wear heels if it would only make me 5'4 instead of 5'1" I am...and ruin my back.

I say we embrace who we are...and be happy for Husbands who embrace us for who we are. :)

Anez said...

Wow MAggie I love ur initiative !!!

I scream Too!!!!

Carole said...

Great post. And while I don't think I would have thought of you as a ranting banshee, I always think of you as a wild free spirit. Not from what you've written but your artwork is amazingly wild and free spirited. There is such a "Flow of Independence" in each piece. Of course I am only going by the website. But it seems to speak such.

Fay's Too said...

And by the way, I'd never thought of you as amorphous, etc. From your art and your words I'd say you were more like lightening than a cloud.

Eryl Shields said...


BrightenedBoy said...

I like you.

This sounds like an interesting idea for a blog, and I hope you start writing more regularly.

TalesNTypos said...

You have quite the way with words Maggie. :)

Pat said...

I would scream - I'm an angry old woman much of the time but my breath is shorter these days and my voice often doesn't come out right. The spirit's there though.
WV crypele

Mary Witzl said...
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Mary Witzl said...

I'm screaming! Not to brag, but I've been yelling for some time now. People think I'm all meek and mild too, and very content with my life. I really AM fairly meek and mild much of the time, but I reserve the right to whine and put my foot down and voice my discontent whenever I please.

These words gave me a real frisson: "On the outside, squishy, sweet, amorphous marshmallow... while on the inside a raging, ranting banshee, a fire disgorging dragon, a hardened, steely warrior or a possessed uncontrollable spirit capable of metamorphosing the elements in order to have her will obeyed."


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, celtic warrior personified! Love the spunk and the issue. I'll get in a scream or two....

Maggie Ayres said...

Firstly, thank you all for your comments.

Unfortuantely, it felt a bit like I lost my voice after screaming and this summer was beset with family traumas and illnesses.

My apologies for leading a war cry only to end up having a coughing on the sidelines, but hopefully this will prove to be the new start that was intended at the outset.

Please bear with me :)