Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Regaining my voice

It could be deduced from my last post, that my erstwhile screaming induced a subsequent tide of family trauma and illness in which I lost my voice. I hadn't yet got into the blogging habit, and so sharing here was not foremost in my thoughts.

With large sighs of relief, big enough to fill a sky-soaring hot air balloon, complete with human cargo and accompanying paraphernalia, family life is settling down and better health is trickling through.

September is here and I am transfixed, misty eyed with mellow fruitfulness as I contemplate the slow calming of the seasons while the year begins to wind down. In contrast, for me Autumn has always meant a time of fresh beginnings, renewed intentions and the drive for change.

However, a year ago I was propelled into limbo when my mother died. She was 89 and had lived with dementia for many years. I thought all was for the worst and no hope would enter here. But 12 months on, with a slow passing of familial stresses to some haphazard emotional resolutions, at last I am comprehending the enduring nature of spirit that drives me, and I am grateful to Mum for that.


savannah said...

welcome back, sugar! i'm doing more reading than writing these days, but everything and everyone has their time. xoxoxo

mapstew said...

Welcome back.
September/Autumn seems to be a time of new starts for many. :¬)


Mary Witzl said...

I feel the same way about autumn, Maggie. And I'm glad you're back on track. It's not easy, holding everything in place, is it?

hope said...

Autumn's always been my favorite time of year..if we don't count pollen. :)

Glad you're back.

Eryl said...

Very glad to hear things are settling down for you.

Maggie Ayres said...

savannah, mapstew, Mary, Hope and Eryl - thank you all for your warm and welcoming words. Still trying to get the hang of this blogging thing :)

Louise said...


I don't think that we truly realize what an impact our mother's have on us. My mother moved to heaven last Christmas and I still wish for her presence an wise words. I am thankful that God gave her to me and look forward to seeing her again one day! I am glad that you are again finding your way, as what you have to share is motivating and inspiring to a great number of people. May God bless you!

Maggie Ayres said...

Louise- Thank you so much for sharing your feelings.