Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A Studio of My Own

I had forgotten what it felt like to have a space entirely for me, without reference to my lovely family.

Joyous. Thrilling. Intoxicating.

My virgin studio has two generously large Georgian windows- the light gloriously sublime, reflecting possibilities around the high, white walls and ceiling. It begs me for expansive, bold canvases to honour its space and begin its legend. The floor is bare board and ready to be spilled and spattered upon.

Oh the sense of excitement and liberation!

Here lies the scene of my new agenda- my expression of self and the abandonment of apology for being less than.

It feels like I've been waiting all my life for this heady time, where my story can be rewritten, defined anew by the very existence of a studio of my own.

Joyous. Thrilling. Intoxicating.


Mimi and Tilly said...

I create in my front bedroom surrounded by piles of much loved books, pieces of vintage cloth, pencils, paint, odds and ends and a fold out bed. I am so excited for you to have a bright, white space to be you in. What a fantastic new beginning for you. Oh, and happy anniversary to you and Kim. Em x

mapstew said...

So, the cat has got the cream!

Have wonderful times in your new studio! :¬)


Julie Shackson said...

What a lovely space; congratulations!
Can't wait to see what it inspires.

hope said...

What a great space to create...good for you!

Vicky said...

What a wonderful space :)

savannah said...

there's something about having a space that belongs only to you. i'm still trying to claim mine. i wish you all the best and lots of good light, sugar! ;~) xoxoxo

Eryl said...

Joyous, thrilling, intoxicating indeed, I'm so excited for you (and envious, of course). Can't wait to see what you create in this new space. And how wonderful to be in a building with other artists, must feel like finally getting back to your long lost tribe.

debra said...

happy new studio, Maggie! Our studio is in our gallery, which means that the public comes in which means that concentrating on creative work is a challenge.
Kudos to you on your space!

Pat said...

I'm so happy for you Maggie. I hope this is the start of an exciting phase of your career.
Remember everything comes to she who waits. And it couldn't happen to a nicer person.
With the other artists - I think some fun may be involved;)

A Daft Scots Lass said...

What a brilliant blank canvas for your creative mind!

Tara Marie said...

I can not wait to watch you unfold and blossom in your new studio space. Many Blessings as you venture forward......

TalesNTypos said...

Congratulations and bon voyage. :)

JC said...

Looks like a gorgeous space, great light for working in! Congratulations!

Mary Witzl said...

Congratulations, Maggie!

What a great looking room that is! I can picture long, involved sessions in there, working and talking to other artists. And good strong coffee -- lots of coffee.


greetings maggie! just coming by to say hello and to let you know i'll be following along your lovely blog here - love your studio and am so envious - am in the midst of a cross country move into new place but unfortunately don't think i will have studio space! bahhumbug! so happy for you and yours however - would love to have you come by one of my places - my poetry to do with love and things related can be found at my "words unspoken" blog, my "travel journal" is metaphysically oriented, "gypsywomanworld" is just a conglomeration of things gypsy and things me, including a bit more of my own poetry and images - and then, "the yaya tree" is my family genealogy - in any event, hope you'll drop by sometime - and in the mean time, i'll look forward to seeing you when i'm all settled in a week or so - jenean

Trudis Felt said...

Enjoy your new white bright space of your own to create that beautiful work of you!!
CariƱos de Trudis

Maggie Ayres said...

Em- any space is precious isn't it?

mapstew- I feel so lucky! Thank you.

Julie, Hope, Vicky and Savannah- I'm enjoying the space so much. Thank you.

Eryl- I'm working hard at feeling like a real artist!

Debra- I can't imagine what being open to the public all the time must be like. I'm very messy- how do you manage?

Pat,a daft Scots Lass, Tara Marie and TalesNTypos- Thank you for such warm words.

JC- Yes, beautiful light- the best in the building!

Mary- I'm allowing myself to embrace and absorb the romance of it all!

Jenean- I'm really just beginning this blog thing so look forward to visiting your worlds. Thank you.

Trudis Felt- Thank you.