Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Making a studio

For me, the words "artist's studio", are filled with all the glamour and romance which I wouldn't readily attach to myself.

And yet, in this space I seem to be inhabiting a fairytale existence which embraces me every time I cross over the threshold. I do not want this fantasy to dissipate, so I take time to absorb the magic and allow myself to feel like the kind of artist who would naturally reside here.

As well as all the creative accoutrements you would expect to find in such a place, there are several other necessary additions which I find facilitate the artistic muse:

Radio- always tuned for BBC Radio 4

CD player- assorted music:  Opera for drama and tears
                                           Folk for the soul and for sighs
                                           Anything for dancing

 Huggable mug for tea or coffee depending on the hour

Chair for contemplation and the need to sit back and survey both inside and out

Books, any books for reading or for dreaming

With all this gloriously in place, I am in my own fairy story.


Deidra said...

That sounds absolutely lovely.

hope said...

And I'm sure you've earned such a wonderful space for yourself. Enjoy!

savannah said...

well done, you! seriously, i have always felt that a person needs a space to be in order to do! i'm glad you've found yours, sugar! xoxox

vw:intelido which is faux moroccan for really really smart!

mapstew said...

I get the feeling you are happy in your space! :¬)



sounds divine!

Eryl said...

This is so exciting. Just knowing that one more woman has found a place in which to explore being makes me very happy.

Maggie Ayres said...

Deidra- Yes...Sigh...thank you.

Hope- you are very kind-thank you.

Savannah- it really does feel like coming home!

Mapstew- so-o-o-o happy!

Jenean- it is blissful!

Eryl- that's a brilliant sentiment, thank you.