Monday, 18 March 2013

From my gallery: "Bloom"

When I began working on "Bloom", I felt a bit overwhelmed and excited at the same time. This piece is one of the largest I have worked on, measuring 100x150cm.

But I do love to work on larger pieces, allowing more free rein to be bold and expressive. I think it feels a bit like being able to speak out louder and truer and more likely to be heard while the rest of the time in the "real world" it's more like voices lost to the wind.

I suppose that's one of the most important aspects to me of being an artist: the work I make is witness to my feelings of being alive in this body even if my voice is unheard or pointedly ignored. I'll write more about this in my next post.

"Bloom" is about a sense of growing stronger, more vital and vibrant.

I built out from the canvas with wireform mesh stitched and stabbed through the surface to accentuate the idea of expansion and growth, not constrained by the tiny box which is deemed fit for us to inhabit. Those of you who know my work will recognise this striving to step across societal boundaries as a recurrent theme.

Layers of torn calico, scrim and gesso were applied before I introduced acrylic paste and colour. If you look at the detail in the image you will see that there is a lot of texture worked there. Society is a complex entity relying on the infinitely varied abilities of its individuals in order to evolve and survive.

"Bloom" is my unapologetic response to those who favour conformity and would deny individualism and diversity.

To view more of this artwork, see it on my website here:


Ruthie Redden said...

This piece is so beautiful Maggie, I love the forms within it and as one who has never liked the whole idea of conforming or who so often hasn't "fitted" i love the meanings of it.

I long to work big, yet the pieces I turn out are small and tight and measured, im hoping that will change as i grow into myself too.

Maggi said...

A beautiful piece.

Maggie Ayres said...

Ruthie- thank you for taking the time to look and give me feedback. I love that you like the message!
Maggi- thanks so much for you warm words.

Pat said...

I find it both vibrant and vital and very sexy.

Maggie Ayres said...

Thank you Pat! I don't think anyone has ever said that about my work before!

Maggie Ayres said...
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Elisabet said...

Oh Maggie, your work just gets more and more fabulous! I still am holding on to hopes that one of these days you will offer an online class for those of us who just can't afford to come over to Scotland!
Ely P

Maggie Ayres said...

Your enthusiasm for my work is flattering and lovely! Online classes are not something I have thought of so far but maybe. Or else if you knew of enough people where you are who would be interested, then travel is an option too! I let the thought fly up and away and who knows where it might land...