Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Maggie Line

"It's a Maggie line!" - shorthand instigated by my husband Kim, describing my obsessive preference for bendy, non-parallel soaring and sinuous lines usually observed in nature and enthusiastically photographed for future enterprises.

Tree branches entwining skywards.

Markings and rivulets left behind on lowtide beaches.

Strata of stone layers on exposed rock formations.

Random discoveries of tumbled pebbles.

Twisted gnarled water-seeking roots revealed.

Creases in the land where hills enfold fields.

Crackings on mountainsides as water takes its course.

And with the last snow and drifting of a couple of weeks or so ago, we saw the achingly stunning white folds and billows, creating yet more "Maggie lines" to wonder at. A joyful beholding of a sympathetic landscape.

Here are just a small sample.

Feel free to click on the images for larger versions


Theanne said...

I believe you (Maggie) not only see "A Maggie Line" you feel it, your nature, your very being allows you to feel emotion right down to your are very in tune with nature

ed iglehart said...


Maggie Ayres said...

Theanne & Ed - thank you for your kind words :)