Saturday, 27 April 2013

Workshops Begin

Last weekend marked the start of my new season of studio workshops.

The Creative Process is one I'd offered several times before so it had been prepared and tweaked and honed and previously very well received. I had notes and inspirational book of quotes to hand.

I had taken hours to tidy and prepare the studio for my visitors. Everything was in place: boxes and baskets of myriad fibres; fabric and threads to inspire; stacks of papers for drawing and printing; jars full of brushes; old yoghurt pots for decanting gesso, glue and paint. Canvases were sitting ready in the corner awaiting their first tentative markings.

In the kitchen downstairs, a tasty, nourishing lunch awaited. Hot and cold refreshments were laid out in anticipation of workers needing to be comfortingly restored with the additional aid of shortbread and juicy grapes.

The scene was indeed well and truly set.

And I was nervous, really stomach quiveringly nervous just as I always am before a workshop begins.

That's because it matters a lot to me that everyone who has invested time and money to be in my studio feels looked after and nurtured as individuals, just as I encourage them to nurture their creativity and value the opportunity they have given themselves to play and explore.

Last weekend I was joined by Julie from County Durham, Lorna and Kathleen who live near Edinburgh and by Ruth and Mari who had flown over from Switzerland.

The weekend flashed by but there were quiet moments when I realised with some incredulity that I had made this all happen. Because I wanted to share my passion, these lovely and very varied women had chosen to spend time with me working in my studio.

How lucky and privileged I am!

Thank you Julie, Lorna, Kathleen, Ruth and Mari for such a good weekend!

I so hope you all enjoyed it too.

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Elizabeth Pollock said...

Oh Maggie, it sounds so lovely and so much creative energy flowing through!!! I am still hoping and waiting for the day you will offer an online class... sadly a trip to Scotland, albeit would be a dream trip is not in my budget... *sigh*
Hugs and enjoy the week,
Beth P
Harrisville, NH USA