Wednesday, 13 February 2013

From my gallery: "Core"

Creative potential at the heart of all...
The paint does it by itself...

"Core" is important to me for two reasons. It was one of the first pieces I made when I moved into my studio just over two years ago, remaining in my mind as a revolutionary time.

Yet more memorable still was the beginnings of a new way of working with paint that has carried me on ever since. I had been using an acrylic structuring paste for some years already that had allowed me to add texture with fibres and threads to my canvases. It was only when I started to paint "Core" that I realised how porous this made the surface as the acrylic paint (mixed wetter than usual) was bleeding out like watercolour. A door opened enticingly!

I proceeded to water down my paints even more, laid the canvas on the floor and poured colour in tentative streams from above to splash and puddle and swirl. I added more sprays and drips of water to encourage movement. Quite often there was a flood over the edge of the canvas onto the floor which suggested a line to encourage and examine. I merely followed and embellished!
It really does feel as if it is the paint itself which is behind the creative process...

...I am just a channel.

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