Letting go part 3 (or transformative space)

Clearing space is a much under glorified way of spending time.

There is an obvious usefulness in the activity of course, creating tidy, uncluttered areas in which to work without the distraction of too much muddling stuff.

But that’s expected.

Almost without fail whilst a-sorting, I will find a vital mislaid scraping tool or fabulously marked paper fragment that might enhance the next piece I make.

Fortuitous but not life changing.

This time though, this super deep clean of my studio left me feeling elated.


The act of destroying my work was not some frenzied attack of self-loathing. (I know too well when that is the deal.)

This was mindful purpose.

I had created these pieces. I discovered, explored and honed skills. I developed narratives, questioned and challenged myself. All that could not be destroyed just by the act of cutting up, by removing the work from being.

It is not lost - I absorbed it all both good and bad. I made the commitment to progress during all the time of making and now I had just let go of the physical reminder of that transformative process.

Transformation might take a lifetime to manifest itself.

Recognising it might just take a random act of space clearing.

Photo from Kim Ayres Photography


Unknown said…
That's a beautiful piece, Maggie - thank you
Maggie Ayres said…
Thank you for taking the time to read this Pam, and for your lovely words x
Julie Shackson said…
Wonderful! You've inspired me. When I get back from my spoon-carving workshop, and then the planting holiday I've got planned at Ty Cariad, this will be next on my list. See what I did there? I put it off for a couple of weeks to ensure it will never get done. I love the way you talk about it and it makes me want some of that space.
Maggie Ayres said…
Julie - I know you do so much stuff already - maybe you have to diary in "space clearing holiday"! (But a planting holiday just sounds so fab)

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