Now I'm launching myself off the precipice with hopeful intent - no free fall with terror this time. The studio awaits, seemingly also keen to get started on a new adventure...

Where will I begin?

I survey the space.

Mmmm - there's a devilishly alluring gathering of rusty metal shards on the table. Some printing with them onto a variety of papers and cloth would be a fruitful use of time, I think.

Ahhh - my attention is drawn to the group of encaustic bowls I was experimenting with. To make another would be a pleasing rhythmical activity, curved layers of paper and wax combining into a satisfying just right for cupping-in-the-hand structure.

Ooh - but there is my collection of seen-better-days wooden boxes. Part of me can't wait to start transforming them into the still mysterious project I have named "Box".

But not yet.

Choice can be like change sometimes - excitingly attractive but potentially ever so scary too. What if I choose the wrong thing? All too clearly, I can imagine the parallel universe where I opted for the other, just not so sure about this one though...

Sitting. Breathing.

It's ok. I don't need to rush.

I will just be here, play and explore and think what if I make marks here, add colour there, gouge or smooth.

That's all there is to it.

No big decisions.

The rest will unfold.


Firefly said…
All of these bits and pieces make ME want to jump in and play and experiment with them too!
Jacqui Galloway said…
All those rusty bits and pieces make my mouth water!
Can I ask how you formed the bowl shapes?

Kind regards
Maggie Ayres said…
Carol - these little bowls were moulded round a ladle, building up layers of paper/fabric using encaustic medium (beeswax and resin). I used the same techniques as I do to make encaustic paintings on wooden panels. Hope that helps.
Thanks for the information. I'm curious how people make vessels using encaustic :)

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