Whatever happened to Box?

As I start again with a change of title and more regular postings, I thought it would be more than timely to catch up with where I left off.

Oh how time does pass!

"Box" became part of my solo exhibition, "Orchard", at Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries last year. I showed six large scale wall pieces and each was accompanied by an assemblage work (six boxes).

I was thrilled at the way it all worked together.

To create a kind of narrative stepping stone from my last post to now, I've decided to show images for each of these boxes.
I am listing the pieces in the order they were shown in the exhibition.

"nestling breath"

"but she hadn't realised 'til much later what had been lost"

"the conveyable burden"

"creation and reduction"

"for nervous and other diseases"

"realising the Queen of Sheba's jewels"


Julie Shackson said…
Swoon! I’ve fiddled with boxes, but never brought them together in the way you have. Loving the work; as ever, inspirational. Xx
Maggie Ayres said…
Thanks so much Julie - as ever lovely to hear from you.
The boxes have been an obsession for years and it was great to bring them together with the wall panels for my exhibition last year.
There is another piece to be made for an exhibition later this year.
It will be called "breath of air"
Julie Shackson said…
I’ll be waiting with baited breath to see that!

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