A hot or cold painting

I was thinking that it’s been a few years since I offered a painting for a prize draw at the Spring Fling open studios event.

It’s a good idea so now I have the dilemma of which one will it be.
Encaustic or cold wax?

Painting with molten beeswax and resin and fusing with a blowtorch is dynamic and exciting.
I can build up numerous layers.

For most of the last few months, I’ve been exploring working with oil paints and cold wax medium using scrapers, squeegees and palette knives.
I can build up numerous layers.

A tricky decision then, but I am keen to introduce my new work so I’ve chosen a cold wax piece.

It is called “when air moves” and if you come along to my studio this weekend (25th - 27th May) you might like to have a chance to win.

I hope you think I have made the right choice!


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