It’s important to rise before the dawn

A rough night’s sleep but happily I was awake before the sun came up.
It’s important to rise before the dawn...

As the sky changes colour emanating from the left of my direct viewpoint, the movement begins.

A flurry of crows land on a nearby tree, each one turned to where the sun is about to appear.
It seems like it must be inherent in their bird consciousness - the wonder and expectations of new day beginnings, for all time.

Then I start to see the dotted trail lines away in the distance, appearing apparently from the inner sky, threading through the brightening light.

I watch and open the window wide to listen.
The geese calls increase, crying the dawn.
Mesmerised, I watch their fabulous mark making in the pink light.

Then the lines move in tangles right over where I am leaning over the windowsill.
I can see the bellies of them - gorgeous shapes as necks stretch out and the constant beating of wings.

The air shifts and the day has begun.


Ann Scott said…
Your posts, images and writings, so often cause me to be curious for more, thank you. We built a south facing deck off of our upper story bedroom (my husbands wish), it has nothing on it; no furniture, no plants, no shade. It has become our sky viewing platform, where we stand together as the sunrises and sunsets. Pure joy.
Maggie Ayres said…
Oh Ann your sky viewing platform sounds just perfect.
I think it is impossible not to acknowledge shared humanity as well as shared nature when we look up at the unifying sky.
Thank you for your comment 😊

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