Just how much graphite will I need?

Packing list for going to Caerlaverock tomorrow:

many layers of clothes
my new fab stripey ankle wellies
bobble hat and gloves and scarf
enough vegetables to make plenty of tasty soup
seed bread from Earth’s Crust in Castle Douglas (and maybe just a bit of focaccia - please?)
far more books than I will ever be able to read in just one week but how can I leave that one or this one or that pile behind?
sound recorder
every nuanced kind of sketchbook, in various weights and textures of paper, I could find including that gorgeous concertina one
pens - bamboo and other assorted and necessary
Indian ink
watercolour sticks
brushes with useful water reservoirs

and so much graphite in different formulations that there may well be a global shortage!

Did I ever say how much I love graphite?

just a smidgeon of my packing...


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